Event photography and promotion

Show strength and vitality!

Your event may only last a few hours – but photos ensure that the mood will be still alive even years later. Show your important guests, the positive and the mood at your event. Journalistic Photos of berlin-event-foto.de are the convincing evidence of your success and an indispensable component of effective public relations.

Consider the following photos there is no selection like the „best of the best“. These photos are rather my standard.

The best way to have a look at the photos ist to click on one of the small photos and then on the left and right arrows below the then enlarged image.
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Reasons to choose berlin-event-foto

But of course I also want to prove why you should opt for berlin-event-foto.de. It is a decision for high artistic, technical and quality craftsmanship – and quality of service, in terms of safety (2 years back).

Berlin-event-photo offers a comprehensive, extremely reliable and very fast service in all areas of event photography.

I provide a professional, mobile studio with bluescreen-technique and can offer to print the photos just in the evening.

Whatever you want:

We will find ways to realize your ideas. Just ask!

Present your company in the best facets to the outside

The need for journalistic usable footage of business and production processes is currently not covered approximately. Only three percent of all PR photos find their way into the press according to a study of the German news agency dpa. Therefore: Choose and focus on journalistic photos even with your employee photos. Focus on photos of berlin-event-foto.de.

Journalists and media need good photos. Let’s make it simple fot the editors.

For example, consider the documentation of the TSB Technology Foundation and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research.

Newspapers such as the Handelsblatt use our photos, to report about our events.

The Bundesverband der Deutschen Binnenschiffahrt uses our photos in his dressingbrochure.